Mortgage Calculator with Taxes and Insurance


Quickly calculate your mortgage with taxes and insurance, with our easy-to-use Mortage Calculator.

Just enter your Loan Amount, interest rate, annual taxes and insurance, and the mortage calculator will calculate your monthly mortgage payments.

When lenders underwrite your loan, they calculate your insurance and property taxes, as if they were paid monthly.

This mortage calculator will do exact the same thing, for free!





Before you get into a real estate purchase, you must figure out how much your mortgage payment will be.

This free mortgage calculator will show you what mortgage payments to expect. Its very easy to use. First, Ffgure out how much the loan is for, your down payment, mortgage interest rate, length of the loan, and any applicable taxes and insurance. The taxes and insurance are optional. Many mortgage calculators online does not include a calculation of taxes and insurance (and PMI), but ours does, and all for FREE!

The Mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance above is an essential tool for both potential home buyers and for real estate agents. For example, you can use the  mortgage calculator with taxes to calculate how a change in interest rate will affect the amount that you pay over time.CLICK on the payment tab to see the MONTHLY and ANNUAL payments.

CLICK on the AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE tab, to find out how much of your payments will go towards loan repayment and how much will be going towards interest.

The national average for the annual property tax is $3,500 and homeowners insurance average is $481, and you may use those numbers in the calculator, if you do not know your tax and insurance expenses yet. Private mortgage insurance (PMI), averages from $50 to $80 per month.Generally, your will owe PMI, if your down payment is less than 20 percent of the purchase price.

This easy and free software will enable you to compare different loan options and mortgage plans easily.  And most importantly, it will make planning your future easier and help you to avoid the classic mistake of buying a mortgage, that you cannot afford.

Good luck with the house hunting! Please search this website for other mortage calculators and house buyng tips and advice.

And come back anytime. This mortage calculator with taxes and insurance is FREE!